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  • Self-supporting Cellular Towers

    Self-supporting Cellular Towers
    Product Description SELF-SUPPORTING TOWER: — Bolt-Together Construction — Allows modification for load changes — Constructed of pipe, solid round pipe legs — Triangular — Tower bracing pattern dependent on tower size and antenna loading — Hot dip galvanized finish per ASTM A123 — Tower painting...
    Product Details:
    Product Description



    — Bolt-Together Construction

    — Allows modification for load changes

    — Constructed of pipe, solid round pipe legs

    — Triangular

    — Tower bracing pattern dependent on tower size and antenna loading

    — Hot dip galvanized finish per ASTM A123

    — Tower painting optional

    — Includes climbing ladder or step bolts, and cable-type safety climb system

    — Meets or exceeds TIA/EIA-222 standards

    — All fasteners meet or exceed ASTM A325 specifications

    — Complete line of antenna mounts available



    Tower Location: needed to identify tower and to determine the TIA/EIA-222-G or TIA/EIA-222-F recommended wind speeds.

    Tower Make/Model: gives us the information needed to determine tower construction.

    Tower Height.

    Compass orientation of tower face.

    As-built drawings.

    Tower leg, diagonal and girt sizes with type and grade of steel.

    Quantity, size and grade of bolts used in construction.

    Accurate antenna loading on tower (antenna type, elevation on tower, azimuth.)

    Location and type of other loads on tower (lights, platforms, ice shields, etc.)

    Soils analysis at tower base and at guy anchors.

    Elevation of guy anchors as compared to the elevation of the tower base.

    Location and sizes of antenna feed lines.

    Location and size of stabilizers.

    Guy anchor radii (distance of guy anchors from base of tower.)

    Type of tower base (pivot or fixed.)

    Foundation design for tower and anchors.

    Proposed antenna loading, if the tower is to be analyzed considering loads other than the existing tower load.

    Photographs of the tower.

    Any unusual climatic conditions. (For example, are prevailing wind and ice conditions at the tower site higher than normal)

    NOTE: Absence of the above information will cause the tower to be analyzed based on certain assumptions such as soil conditions,

    manufacturers’ specifications, and professional engineering experience and judgment. The analysis results will represent conditions as 

    provided to Ehresmann Engineering by the client. Ehresmann Engineering can provide an on-site inspection of your tower to obtain required information.


    Packaging & Shipping



    Our Services

     Our services include preliminary layouts, writing of contract specifications, bid solicitations, review of bid packages, final designs, inspections, project 

    management, and professional engineering certification. In addition to the fabrication of monopoles, self-supporting and guyed towers, we also can provide

    fabrication and installation details. We provide structural analyses of telecom structures in accordance with applicable codes (Electronic Industries

    Association,China Standard, American National Standards Institute, Uniform Building Code, and others).

    Company Information

     HANGZHOU DEBAO TOWER MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD was established in 2003.we have our own hot-dipped galvanization factory , our galvanization pool is 14m length . Our company's production capacity is 46000ton per year, 2014 sales revenue is about 55million USD dollars totally,2015 estimated total sales revenue will be 90million USD dollars totally. Our product scope covers monopole ,camouflaged tree tower,rapid deployment monopole system,power transmission pole,self-supporting tower and other steel structures.we obtained certificate of I S O 9 0 0 1 : 2 0 0 0 quality management system.

    In respect of technology, our R&D team comprehensively adopts professional software for computerized lofting, and applies MS TOWER, Auto CAD ,SAP2000,Solidworks,TMA and CECS program for assistant lofting and drawings, As one of the professional steel tower manufacturers in China, our products have a very good reputation in market,our engineer all were trained in Europe,we can make design and calculation report according to customer's requirements(TIA/EIA-222-G/F).

    We sincerely hope to intensify co-operation with friends all over the worlds,we will do our best to provide high quality products and satisfactory service


    The increased demand to provide wireless coverage in residential or developed areas has resulted in a challenge to provide this coverage without unsightly

    antenna support structures.We can help you with a variety of concealment solutions to include light poles, Water tank antennas ,Chinmey antennas,

    Air-conditioner antennas,flag poles(bottom right),advertising pole(clock,light box)and artificial trees(shown to the left). Contact our team of engineers to see which product is right for you. 


    concepts are stated clearly as our corporate values:

    Act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do

    Satisfy our customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service

    Respect our social and physical environment around the world

    Value and develop our employees’ diverse talents, initiative and leadership

    Earn the admiration of all those associated with Debao Tower


    Tower Fabrication

    As outlined throughout our company profile, we have the in-house fabrication facilities to manufacture complete series of telecom tower ,monopole ,landscape monopole, 

    camouflage tree monopole ,self-supporting tower,RDS(rapid deployment sites),and camouflage antenna(air-conditioner;chinmey;water tank) with quick delivery at competitive

    prices. Let us provide you a quotation.


    Tower Design

    Tell us your requirements and we will design and detail a complete antenna support structure to meet your needs. All tower design is done in complete 

    conformance with the latest revision of Telecommunications Industries Association standard TIA/EIA-222-G/F, “Structural Standards for Steel Antenna and Antenna 

    Supporting Structures” and other industry standards, as applicable.


    Design and Detailing

    We have broad experience with virtually every make and model of tower used in the United States and Ireland. Because of this, we can design and detail antenna mounts 

    and other tower appurtenances to meet any needs and to fit any tower. With an in-house fabrication facility, we can custom-manufacture the items under our close scrutiny

    to deliver what you need.


    Structure Analysis and Calculation

    We provides exceptional structural analysis services. A structural analysis goes deeper than just a visual inspection. The visual inspection

    of a tower will show the physical condition of a tower such as rusting, cracking of welds, bent members, etc. but it will not show whether a tower is 

    overstressed by the loads it is supporting. A structural analysis uses mathematical engineering formulas for stress, along with known behavior of different 

    materials under stress, to determine if any one point on the tower is stressed beyond safe limits. By using state-of-the-art computer software, we can create 

    a mathematical model of any steel structure, and quickly determine the stresses at hundreds of points on the tower.


    Telecom Structure Erection Guide

    If you have any questions on tower structure erection ,pls feel free to contact us ,we can guide you how to erect the tower structure step by step ,we also can

    make the tower structure 3D erection drawing and assembly instruction .so it will help you out on tower Structure erection easily 

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