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  • High Quality Self Supporting Antenna Tower

    High Quality Self Supporting Antenna Tower
    Self Supporting Towers Self-supporting towers, sometimes referred to as "free standing antenna towers" or "wireless communication towers" are the most popular and versatile type of structure used today in the wireless industry. At Debao, we specialize in self-supporting...
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    High Quality Self Supporting Antenna Tower

      Communication towers are widely used in telecommunication networks. These towers are freestanding structures and do not require external support for stability. Self support towers are three legged towers or four legged towers. There are different types of self supporting telecom towers. 
         This tower has square angular elements designed systematically on a square base pattern. This tower for antenna is optimized to handle medium to heavy loads. A self support 4 legs angular tower is ideal for MW backbone sites, central communication hubs, and primary cellular sites. 

       We are the manufacturer which is specialized in these products including three legged steel tower, monopole steel tower, Moreover, these towers are delivers into varied kinds of designing and technical specifications depending up on the nature of the applications in which these have to be used. Main steel tower including three legged angle steel tower, four legged angle steel tower, monopole tower, angle steel tower, single- pipe tower, Square steel tower, Triangular tower, Monopole, Microwave tower, Guyed tower and TV tower. 

         Our products and services are constantly tailored to meet the unique needs of every customer. But some things never change like our commitment to quality, our speed to market, and our promise to save customers money on capital expenditure and operating costs. we will put every customer first.

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