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  • 30m Concealment Palm Monopole

    30m Concealment Palm Monopole
    Camouflaged pine tree towers: It's a structure whose technological functionality is being concealed behind the appearance of a pine tree tower. The bark and branches of the foliage are imitations of the Pinus Niagara species, imitating the smallest details and allowing easy insertion in...
    Product Details:

    30m Concealment Palm Monopole

    Artificial Tree :   a kind of simulation trunk and leaves ,  it takes  of synthetic resin and advanced  chemical raw materials as sculpture substrate  for tree trunk, the tree section , barks etc . some leaves were installed on its top. inner side of main pole  is HDG( hot dip galvanized ) steel structure.  bottom is steel plate ,which will be tightened by anchor bolts

    Our Service Range

    Tower Fabrication

    As outlined throughout this web-site, we have the in-house fabrication facilities to manufacture various type of telecom tower with high quality and quick delivery at competitive prices. 

    Tower Design
    Tell us your requirements and we will design and make tower structure analysis calculation ,and detail a complete shop sktech to meet your needs. All tower design is done in complete conformance with the latest revision of Telecommunications Industries Association standard TIA/EIA-222, “Structural Standards for Steel Antenna and Antenna Supporting Structures” and other industry standards, as applicable.

    Tower Procurement
    If it be your choice, or for towers that exceed our manufacturing capability, we will write complete bid specifications for procurement of any tower, distribute the specifications to reputable tower manufacturers nationwide, monitor bid opening, and provide you continuous professional engineering support throughout the procurement process. We can even provide an engineer on site during construction, or assist you in the final inspection of the tower.

    Tower Quality Test 

    each lot order,we will do detail test  from materail ,welding ,size hot dipped galvanization ,painting till final product ,so it can make our tower to be a high quality product

    Tower Erection guide 

    if you don't know how to erect the tower in proper way , we will make detail tower assembly drawing and assembly instruction all customer 

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