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  • Disguised Cell Towers

    • Camouflaged Pine Tree Towers
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      Camouflaged Pine Tree Towers

      Camouflaged pine tree towers: It's a structure whose technological functionality is being concealed behind the appearance of a pine tree tower. The bark and branches of the foliage are imitations of the Pinus Niagara species, imitating the smallest details and allowing easy insertion in...
    • Camouflaged Palm Tree Towers
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      Camouflaged Palm Tree Towers

      CAMOUFLAGED PALM TREE TOWER The trunk is made of a hot galvanized steel truncated pyramid shaped pole made up of several segments depending upon the overall height of the structure, which can vary from 15 to 40 meters. The base of the palm has a cable output and inspection hole for maintenance...
    • Camouflaged Coconut Tree Towers
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      Camouflaged Coconut Tree Towers

      Camouflaged coconut tree tower It is also a kind of artificial trees or Bionic tree tower, it takes of synthetic resin and advanced chemical raw materials as sculpture substrate for tree trunk, the tree section, barks, etc. some leaves were installed on its top. inner side is HDG( hot dip...
    • Camoulaged Fiscus Tree Towers
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      Camoulaged Fiscus Tree Towers

      Camouflaged fiscus tree tower It's a structure that hides its technological functionality by concealing it behind the natural appearance of a banyan tree. The bark and foliage resemble the fiscus parts, imitating the natural details. This allows the successful integration in many landscapes...
    • Mosaic Towers
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      Mosaic Towers

      Mosaic towers Mosaic tower is a unique state-of-the-art architecturally blended cell tower designed by DEBAO A structure, most suitable for deployment in prime high-profile locations, major roundabouts, city centers, etc. Elegant and exceptionally attractive structure that has all the elements...
    • Concealment Clock Towers
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      Concealment Clock Towers

      Concealment Clock tower Concealment Clock tower merges technology applied to the urban furniture with high design: it is a perfect solution for public transportation, complying with all technological requirements of modern urban areas. The different configurations of clock tower also include...
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