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  • Wireless Cable Structure Layout
    Oct 26, 2018

    The antenna structure used for long, medium and short waves is usually composed of several or dozens of radio towers, which are combined into an antenna array according to the directional requirements. The mast plane layout of long wave antenna, strong directional medium wave antenna and short wave antenna is shown in the figure. For ultrashort waves and microwaves, you only need to place an antenna on a single tower. However, in order to meet the requirement of propagation distance, higher pylons are often needed. The radio tower is mainly composed of steel mast, steel tower and reinforced concrete tower. Steel mast is mostly used for long wave, medium wave, short wave antenna and TV antenna. A 644.28 meter long wave mast in Warsaw, Poland was the tallest structure in the world in the 1970s. There are many masts for American TV tower. There are more than 70 masts over 450 meters, and the tallest one is 630 meters. Steel towers are also used to support various wavelength antennas, and higher steel towers are used for television and telecommunication towers. In the 1970s, the tallest steel tower in the world was a 380-meter high TV tower in Kiev of the Soviet union, among which were Tokyo TV tower in Japan 333 meters high, Milwaukee TV tower in the United States 329 meters high, Eiffel Tower in Paris in France 321 meters high, Leningrad TV tower in the Soviet union 316 meters high, and San Francisco TV tower in the United States 298 meters high. China's taller steel towers are the 210-meter Shanghai TV tower and the 200-meter guangzhou TV tower. In the 1970s, the tallest reinforced concrete tower in the world was the 553 m Canadian Toronto TV tower, followed by the 533 m Soviet Moscow TV tower, the 365 m east Berlin TV tower in democratic Germany, and the 331 m Frankfurt TV tower in federal Germany. The China reinforced concrete TV tower is the 220-meter-high wuhan TV tower. In order to save investment and land, the TV tower can be utilized comprehensively. For example, the Tokyo TV tower serves 6 TV companies, which can accommodate the necessary transmission equipment and transmitting antennas. It is also used by FM radio stations, telecom companies, meteorological departments, tourism industry, fire department and news agency to make full use of the tower. TV towers such as Toronto, Moscow and wuhan are also equipped with sightseeing platforms and rotating restaurants.