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  • What Kind Of Materials Are There In China's High-voltage Power Pylons?
    Jun 01, 2018

    China's high - voltage electrical pylons generally have Angle steel, steel pipe and other materials.

    Electric tower, trapezoidal, triangular tower - like structure - usually 25-40 m high - steel frame structure. Most of the construction in the field of power plants, distribution plants nearby. It is an important facility in the power sector. Can empty wires and provide protection and support. The design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and quality inspection of power towers are important guarantee for the operation and development of modern power system.

    Pylons are straight and tension towers, corner tower is a kind of tension tower, the cat head tower is a straight line tower, look straight line towers, insulator is vertical suspension cat head tower, tower, insulator is horizontal, used to prevent lianhuan down turn tower, line, etc.

    The pylons themselves have no electricity, but the wires on the pylons have electricity. Now they are usually three wires, some more.