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  • What Is The Communication Device?
    May 14, 2018

    Now, basically, routing, connecting the machine, amplifying the signal, the switch. It's the same kind of work. But it can't connect the machine. But there's a large switch.

    English is called ICD, the full name is Industrial Communication Device. The cable communication equipment is mainly the serial communication of the industrial site, the professional bus type communication, the communication of industrial Ethernet and the conversion equipment between various communication protocols. Wireless communication equipment is mainly wireless AP, wireless bridge, wireless network card, wireless lightning arrester, antenna and other equipment.

    Wi-Fi communication equipment? WirelessFidelity, wireless fidelity: short distance wireless technology used in offices and families. The technology uses the frequency band near 2.4GHz, which is still a wireless band that is not licensed at present. There are two standards that can be used at present, namely IEEE802.11a and IEEE802.11b. The so-called WiFi communication device should refer to the communication equipment supporting this technology.

    Electromagnetic wave theory was founded by Maxwell. According to the invention of electromagnetic wave, the telegraph and communication equipment is Italian Marconi, and Baer is the person who invented the telephone.

    Wireless communication is the use of radio waves instead of cables to achieve communication between devices. This communication mode has the advantages of quick and simple installation and maintenance, unaffected by the terrain environment and low cost. The rich product can meet the different needs of the user in communication distance and communication rate.