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  • Vertical Injection Molding Machine
    Jul 04, 2018

    1. Injection device and clamping device are interlocked at the same vertical center line, and the mold is opened and closed in the upper and lower directions. Its floor area is only about half that of a horizontal machine, so it is about twice as productive as a floor area.

    2. Easy to achieve insert molding. Because the mold surface is facing up, it is easy to place the insert into position. It is easy to realize fully automatic insert molding if the machine is fixed on the lower template and movable on the upper template and the belt conveyor is combined with the mechanical hand.

    3. The weight of the mould is supported by the horizontal template to open and close the upper and lower parts, which will not cause the forward fall caused by the gravity of the mould caused by the horizontal machine, making the template unable to open and close. It is good for durability to maintain the precision of machinery and mould.

    4. The mold cavity of each plastic part can be obtained by simple manipulator, which is conducive to precision molding.

    5. Generally, the mold locking device is surrounded by an open mode, which is easy to be equipped with various kinds of automatic devices and is suitable for the automatic molding of complex and exquisite products.

    6. The belt conveyor device is easy to be installed in the middle of the mold and facilitate the automatic production of molding.

    7. It is easy to ensure the consistency of resin fluidity and temperature distribution in the mold.

    8. Equipped with rotating countertops, mobile countertops and inclined countertops, it is easy to realize the molding of inserts and the combination molding of moulds.

    9. During small batch trial production, the mold structure is simple, low cost and easy to unload and install.

    10. It has been tested by many earthquakes. Due to low center of gravity, the vertical machine has better earthquake resistance than the horizontal one.