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  • Three-tube Communication Tower Features
    Dec 21, 2018

    The seamless steel pipe is used as the column material, the wind load coefficient is small, the wind resistance is strong, the tower column is connected by the outer flange, the bolt is pulled, it is not easy to be destroyed, the maintenance cost is reduced, the tower is arranged in a triangular shape, and the steel is saved and the small is small. It has small footprint, saves land resources, convenient location, light weight, new three-leaf type cutting board foundation, reduced basic cost truss structure design, convenient transportation and installation, and short construction period with wind load curve design. The lines are smooth, and it is not easy to collapse in case of rare wind disasters. The design of reducing human and livestock casualties conforms to the national steel structure design specifications and tower design rules, and the structure is safe and reliable.

    The main material (tower leg) of the steel pipe tower can be a seamless steel pipe or a high-frequency welded pipe. Other horizontal and oblique materials can be angle steel or steel. The specific model and size require the designer to be based on construction conditions and operating environment.

    In the production of steel tube towers, in order to ensure the replaceability of each welded part in mass production, it is generally necessary to produce a production mold, which must be precise in order to ensure that the mass production does not cause problems and achieve replacement.