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  • The Development Characteristics Of Communication Industry
    Jun 02, 2018

    Private network communications industry is comparatively mature industry chain, private network communications industry upstream industry mainly electronic components manufacturing, plastic and metal parts manufacturing and communications equipment manufacturing (parts), the downstream for the government and the public security departments, public utilities, industry and commerce, etc.

    The market scale of the global special network communication industry is about 70 billion yuan, and the development scale of Europe, America and other developed countries is large. For example, Germany, Britain, Sweden and other countries all have national wireless networks such as TETRA and gsm-r, with millions of users. "Digital Rhine river" information network also has nearly 10,000 ships, hundreds of thousands of users; The Italian power information network has about 30 million smart terminals (the population of Italy is about 58 million). Wal-mart, ford and other large enterprises have developed information network.

    China private network communication has not yet formed a large industrial scale, private network technology standard is given priority to with introduction of foreign technology standards, the vast majority of Chinese private network vendors do not grasp the core technology, is located in the industrial chain of low-end, enterprise scale is generally small, private network China has not yet formed in the field of leading enterprises. In 2011, the total market size of the dedicated network communication industry was about 6.4 billion yuan.

    (1) high integration between fixed network and mobile network

    The high integration of fixed network and mobile has become an inevitable trend in the development of communication industry. Whether assets of the largest of China mobile, the most senior China telecom, or benefit from the policy of China unicom, the future can only by a few business, can our.

    (2) communications services become fast consumer goods

    (3) diversified communication access modes and dominant data services

    Along with the progress of society, it brings the development of economy and the progress of communication technology. Communication access has also developed in a diversified way. The traditional narrow-band communication and the second generation GSM mobile communication have been far from meeting the user's demand for bandwidth. Communication access becomes much more diverse, both based on traditional fixed-line copper xDSL technology (generally referred to as the of all kinds of digital subscriber line), and more advanced based on the fixed network of optical fiber communication FTTx (collectively) of all kinds of optical fiber access technology broadband access, and more flexible WiFi hotspot in (a) wireless Internet technology WLAN (wireless local area network) access. In addition to the traditional voice communications, and business, all kinds of video on demand business, short, MMS, instant messaging, virtual private network business has already been to the fore, and along with the network rapidly promote transformation and upgrading, data transmission bandwidth, based on the fixed-line broadband data services began to glow the new vitality.