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  • Tesla Coil
    Nov 22, 2018

    Tesla coil is also known as Tesla coil because it is a direct transliteration of the English name "Tesla". This is a distributed parameter high frequency series resonant transformer which can obtain millions of volts of high frequency voltage. Traditional tesla coil principle is to use the transformer make common voltage booster, then give primary LC resonance capacitance charging circuit, charge to discharge threshold, spark gap conductance tong, primary LC series resonance circuit, give the excitation power of the secondary coil with a high enough, the second is the frequency and secondary LC circuits are equal, a secondary coil inductance and capacitance to happen series resonance [1], the discharge terminal voltage is highest, and then see the lightning. Generally speaking, it is an artificial lightning generator. There are tesla coil enthusiasts all over the world who make all kinds of devices, create dazzling artificial lightning, very beautiful.