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  • Star Structure
    Nov 17, 2018

    Star structure means that all workstations are connected into a network in star mode. The network has a central node, and other nodes (workstations and servers) are directly connected to the central node. This structure is centered on the central node, so it is also called a centralized network. It has the following characteristics: simple structure, easy to manage; Simple control, easy to build network; Network delay time is small, transmission error is low. But the disadvantages are also obvious: high cost, low reliability and poor resource sharing capacity.

    The main advantages of star topology are:

    1. Simple structure and easy management and maintenance;

    2. Flexible reconfiguration;

    3. Convenient fault detection and isolation;

    4. Simple control and convenient network construction;

    5. Low network delay time and low transmission error;

    The main disadvantages of star topology include:

    1. High cost and low reliability;