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  • Sra Coil Principle
    Nov 27, 2018

    The principle is to use transformers to boost the normal voltage, and then through the bipolar coil, discharge from the terminal discharge equipment. The tesla coil is coupled by two loops through the coil. Firstly, the power supply charges capacitor C1. When the voltage of capacitor exceeds the threshold of ignition gap to a certain extent, the ignition gap breaks through the air and ignites, and the path of transformer primary coil is formed. The energy oscillates between capacitor C1 and primary coil L1 and is transmitted to the secondary coil through coupling. The secondary coil is also an inductor. The cap C2 and the ground can be equivalent to a capacitor, so LC oscillation will also occur. When the two oscillations resonance at the same frequency, the energy of the primary loop will flow to the secondary, and the voltage peak at the discharge end will increase continuously until the discharge.

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