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  • Molding Process Of Screw Injection Molding Machine
    Jun 27, 2018

    The forming process of general screw injection molding machine is: First adding granular or powdered plastic barrel, and with the rotation of the screw and barrel outer wall heating make plastic molten state, then the machine forward, clamping and injection nozzle with mold gate way, then access to the injection cylinder pressure oil, make the screw to move forward, thus at high pressure and fast speed will be within the closed mold injection melting temperature is low, after a certain time and pressure maintenance (also known as the holding), cooling, make its curing, can open mold to take out the products (the holding of the purpose is to prevent cavity in the reverse flow of the molten material, supplementary material within the cavity, And to ensure that the product has a certain density and size tolerance. The basic requirements of injection molding are plasticization, injection and molding. Plasticizing is the precondition to realize and guarantee the quality of the molded products. In order to meet the requirements of molding, injection must ensure sufficient pressure and speed. At the same time, because the injection pressure is very high, the pressure in the cavity is correspondingly high (the average pressure in the cavity is generally between 20 and 45MPa), so there must be a large enough combined force. Therefore, injection device and mould device are the key parts of injection molding machine.