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  • Introduction Of Communication Iron Tower
    Jun 08, 2018

    The communication tower is composed of steel structures, such as tower body, platform, lightning rod, climbing ladder, antenna support and so on. It is mainly used for microwave, ultra short wave, wireless network signal transmission and emission.

    Product introduction

    In order to ensure the normal operation of the wireless communication system, the communication antenna is generally placed to the highest point to increase the service radius, so as to achieve the desired communication effect. The communication antenna must have a communication tower to increase the height, so the communication tower plays an important role in the communication network system. The national standard communication iron tower series produced by our company has been praised and praised by the mobile, Unicom, telecommunications, public security and other departments for many years.

    Product technical requirements

    Communication tower (communication tower) process requirements:

    Radio, radio, communication, navigation and other aspects of the band has long, medium and short wave. Radio towers and mast structures in various waveforms can be divided into two categories: support and emitter. The support is used to hang the antenna net, while the emitter uses the tower mast itself as the antenna to transmit radio waves. Ultrashort wave is widely used in public communication, traffic police, fire fighting, water conservancy, power supply, civil aviation dispatching, and other professional communication fields. For example, the "350" police "110" command system; "350 trillion" traffic police command communication system; "350 megabytes" public security fire control command system; the government water control and drought control and drought control system; electricity dispatching system; mobile, Unicom communication system has brought great convenience to people's life, so radio communication ( Communication is inseparable from all sectors of modern society.

    Product function

    To ensure the normal operation of the radio communication system, the communication antenna must be placed to the highest point to increase the service radius and achieve the ideal communication effect. And the high antenna must be done by the tower. Therefore, steel tower plays an important role in communication system.

    Product features

    In the construction of the modern communication and radio and television signal tower, no matter the user chooses the ground plane or the roof tower, the high communication antenna can be used to increase the service radius of the communication or television transmitting signal to achieve the ideal professional communication effect. In addition, the roof also plays a great role in the lightning protection, air warning and loading Office of the building. The double functions of the building. The four leg self vertical structure is in line with the design specification of steel structure. Damage resistance: wind 12 / earthquake 8 level height: more than 60 meters; weight: 10 ton anticorrosion treatment: heat transfer zinc; material producing area: Baosteel / Shougang / Handan Steel / Tangshan Steel

    Effective use period: more than 30 years; after sales service: 20 years free maintenance, lifetime warranty.