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  • How The Radio Tower Works
    Oct 24, 2018

    Tower and mast structures used for transmitting or receiving radio waves and as radiators for transmitting or receiving antennas. Mainly used for communication, broadcasting, television, radar, navigation, remote control and other aspects. Communication and broadcasting are mainly transmitted by long wave, medium wave and short wave (communication can also be used by microwave). Transmission of signals by ultrashort waves and microwaves for television; Navigation mainly USES medium wave to transmit signals.

    The height of the radio tower used for long, medium and short waves depends on such factors as wavelength (frequency), ground conductivity and propagation distance. The height of a radio tower used for ultrashort waves and microwaves depends on the distance travelled. The propagation distance of ultrashort wave and microwave is equal to the distance between the transmitting antenna and the receiving antenna. For relatively flat or slightly hilly terrain, the propagation distance can be calculated according to the formula (km) where HT is the height of the transmitting antenna; HR is the height (m) of the receiving antenna. When the actual distance is greater than the propagation distance obtained by the above formula, the relay tower shall be set in the middle.