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  • High Power Multi-channel Two-way Radio Transmitter
    Nov 02, 2018

    Telecom base station is a high-power multi-channel two-way radio transmitter fixed in one place. They are typically used for low power channel two-way wireless communications such as mobile phones, mobile phones and wireless routers. When you make a phone call, the signal is sent and received simultaneously by a nearby base station. Through the base station, your phone is plugged into the wired network of the mobile phone network. Mobile phones such as PHS are directly connected to the local telephone network.

    Because mobile phones and base stations send signals in both directions, they emit radiofrequency radiation (radiofrequency radiation), which is how they communicate, and people in their vicinity are exposed to radiofrequency radiation, which involves mobile phone radiation and health issues. However, because cell phones and base stations (home mums, PHS) are low power (small range), radio radiation levels are generally quite low.