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    Jan 09, 2018

    With the rapid development of national economy and the acceleration of urbanization, urban rail transit has also entered a period of rapid development. It has also gradually become a very important part of urban public transport system. Currently, there are mainly subway, light rail, tram , Maglev train and so on. These are energy-saving, provincial, provincial, all-weather, traffic capacity, safety and so on.

    At present, China's urban rail transit power supply mainly centralized power supply and decentralized power supply in two ways. The introduction of substations, centralized power supply, the need to set the main substation, the introduction of less power from the grid, access to high voltage power supply does not involve urban and rural power substation transformation, from urban and rural power grid lead to the urban rail transit main transformer Electricity by the small number of cable routes, high power reliability, easy implementation of power engineering, urban and rural power grid users less affected, easy operation and management. Distributed power supply, the traction substation, step-down transformer substation by the existing grid near the lead two independent power supply, rail transit without the main substation.

    At present, there are mainly two ways for the current flow through traction network of urban rail transit in our country. One is that the contact rails are subject to flow and the other is the overhead contact network. The contact rails are divided into DC750V and DC1500V. These two are better than the contact rail bear, the system, easy to maintain, but the investment is large, and the driving speed is low, there are some potential safety problems. In contrast, overhead catenary system technology is mature, small investment, higher speed, high safety and reliability.