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  • Communications Industry Comparison
    Jun 02, 2018

    Communication involves telecommunications.

    Telecommunication: the use of electronic technology to transmit information from place to place. Telecommunication includes different kinds of long-distance communication, such as radio, telegraph, television, telephone, data communication and computer network communication. Itu is defined as "communication using a wire, radio, light or other electromagnetic system." According to this definition, where the guy to use any electromagnetic systems, including cable telecommunication systems, wireless telecommunications system, optical communication system and other electromagnetic system, with any representation, including symbols, text, sound, image, and a combination of these forms of various visual and audible or available signal, the process of sending messages to one or more recipients, are called telecom. It not only includes traditional telecom media, such as the telegraph, telephone, also including fiber optic communications, data communications, satellite communications and other modern telecommunications media, not only includes the two-way transmission of information media, including radio, television and other one-way information dissemination media.

    Communication: people or between man and nature through the medium of a certain behavior or information exchange and transmission, from the broad sense refers to two or more sides need information in the case of not against their will no matter what method, what medium, use to deliver information safely from one side to the other party. Modes of communication: ancient beacon tower, drum beating, flag language, modern telecommunication, etc., and relay of express horses, carrier pigeons and postal communications of post stations, mainly based on visual and sound transmission. Ancient communication for long distance, the fastest also want to a few days, and modern communication is often given priority to with telecom way such as the telegraph, telephone, express MAIL, SMS, E-mail etc. Pay attention to instant messaging, post and communications as a natural science that can reflect the harmony of man and nature and communication more, but pay attention to economic interests in the current period, often do not pay attention to the relationship between human and nature is not suitable for postal communication relative instant communication.

    So telecommunication is a way of communication.