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  • Communication Equipment
    Jun 12, 2018

    Communication equipment(abbreviated as ICD, full name International Communications Development), wired communication equipment and wireless communication equipment for industrial control environments. Cable communication equipment mainly introduces the solution of industrial site serial communication, professional general line communication, industrial Ethernet communication and various communication protocols between the conversion equipment. Wireless communication equipment is mainly wireless AP, wireless network bridge, wireless network card, wireless lightning arrester, antenna and other equipment.
    Wired communication refers to the use of overhead cables, coaxial cables, optical fibers, audio cables and other transmission media to transmit information between communication devices.

    Advantages and Disadvantages
    The biggest advantages of cable communication equipment are strong interference resistance, high stability, with a certain degree of confidentiality, fast transmission rate, bandwidth can be infinitely large; However, cable communication is greatly affected by the environment, the expansibility is weak, there is attenuation, the construction is difficult, the mobility is poor, and the cost is high.
    Wireless communication refers to the communication that does not require physical connectors, that is, a communication method that uses the characteristics of electromagnetic wave signals that can be transmitted in free space for information exchange.

    Advantages and Disadvantages
    The biggest advantage of wireless communication equipment is the environment, which does not need to be limited by the line, and has a certain degree of mobility. It can communicate through wireless connections in a mobile state, and the construction difficulty is low and the cost is low. However, wireless communication equipment has weak anti-jamming, slow transmission rate, limited bandwidth, limited transmission distance, and low cost. However, wireless communication is changing the corresponding technology to make the transmission rate higher(802,11n can reach a rate of 100 Mbps not less than wired communication), more stable and convenient, so wireless communication equipment will be the trend.