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    Jan 09, 2018

    The 21st Century Business Herald noted that at present, there is a power trading market within the State Grid Corporation of China. If it can be stripped out, other power grid companies will cooperate with the corresponding reforms so that a nationwide direct transaction of electricity can be formed.

    However, different subsidies for different electricity reform, the implementation of the same stage of competition, the past tended to clean energy transmission and distribution policies also need to reform.

    According to the energy-saving power dispatching measures formulated by the NDRC and other departments, energy-saving power dispatching and dispatching of renewable generation resources will be given priority to minimize energy, resource consumption and pollutant emissions.

    Click here to see, coal-fired thermal power at the end of the power scheduling. However, at present, the price of coal-fired thermal power is cheap and the net price of the Internet is about 4, so the actual cost of power generation is only about 2 cents per degree.

    Lin Boqiang that renewable energy prices higher than other electricity, difficult to compete with the thermal power, the need for special policies to protect.

    "If renewable energy regardless of the case, there is no way to continue the development of clean energy, and subsidies on stage, not only from the price, but also for other protection."

    Even Verl pointed out that it is necessary to actively introduce social capital, speed up the reform of the power system on the sales side, encourage social capital to establish electricity sales companies and encourage social capital to enter into incremental distribution businesses, including through the development of the existing distribution business Mixed ownership of the economy in the form of social capital to enter. "In general, in the next phase, the power system reform will enter a new phase of full-scale pilot and orderly progress."