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  • Basic Knowledge Of Communication Towers
    May 28, 2018

    Production process:

    Communication tower the tower body, platform, the lightning rod, gym, antenna support of steel members, such as and the hot dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, mainly used in the microwave, ultrashort wave, wireless network signal transmission and emission, etc. In order to ensure the normal operation of wireless communication system, the communication antenna is placed to the highest point to increase the service radius, so as to achieve the ideal communication effect. Antenna must have a communication tower and communication to increase the height, so communication tower played an important role in the communication network system. This company produces the gb communications tower series products for many years by mobile, unicom, telecom, security forces and other department's consistent high praise and praise.

    Tatter point of communication purpose:

    The communication tower is a kind of signal transmitting tower, also called signal transmitting tower or signal tower. Its main function is to support signal transmitting and support signal transmitting antenna. USES mobile/unicom/traffic satellite positioning system (GPS) and other communications departments.

    Communication Tate's point: in the construction of modern communication and radio and television signal transmitting tower, whether the user chooses the ground plane or the tower on the roof, a high communication antenna will be mounted.

    Increase the service radius of communication or TV transmission signal to achieve the ideal professional communication effect. In addition, the roof also ACTS as the lightning protection grounding and aviation warning of the building