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  • Application Field Of Corner Tower
    Feb 06, 2019

    It is specially used for the l-shaped arrangement of three-phase wire insulators with different lengths of inside and outside Angle insulator strings. One end of the crossarm (5) is provided with an extension section (6) which folds outward and slants downward. The regulating device and its regulating method for the tension-resistant turret at different sections of the crossarm (5) and the outer Angle string (7), (8) and (9) with l-type insulator strings directly attached to the extension section of the crossarm (6), left and right upper curved arm (4) belong to a transmission facility, especially a transmission device for the corner of a transmission line. According to the technical scheme provided by the invention, a nut is connected with a number of screws embedded in the concrete foundation, and a through hole corresponding to the screw is arranged on the tower foot plate.

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