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  • What are the Chinese telecommunications companies?
    Jun 01, 2018

    The communication industry is so extensive that I don't know whether you are referring to operators, manufacturers, or integrators, agents and distributors. The size of the enterprise is also very different, business areas and business scope are also each with expertise.

    It is recommended to visit www.c114.net, which generally lists well-known communication manufacturers

    There is a simple ranking of the top 50 in China, you can refer to it

    1 Huawei Huawei

    2 ZTE

    Alcatel-lucent, Shanghai Bell

    Putian China Potevio

    Fiberhome is Fiberhome

    Datang Telecom

    7 jinpeng

    8 yofc

    9 cica

    10 nanjing joint venture

    11 prosper

    12 zhongtian

    13 harbour network

    14 fortis

    15 comba

    16. Huiyuan optical communication

    17 the optical

    18 YongDing

    1.9 billion yangxitong

    20 special messages

    Jiangsu zhongli photoelectric group co. LTD

    Fujian star network ruijie communication co. LTD

    Zhejiang fuchunjiang communication group co. LTD

    Shenzhen China communications co. LTD

    Beijing ruisi conda technology development co. LTD

    Zhuhai hansheng industry co. LTD

    27 Beijing zhongchuang xinsheng technology co. LTD

    28 Xiamen Kehua Hengsheng Co.,Ltd.

    29 research and detailed intelligent technology co. LTD

    Suzhou keda technology co. LTD

    Zhuhai chuangi technology development co. LTD

    Fujian sanyunda communication co. LTD

    Hangzhou dongxin beiyou information technology co. LTD

    Dalian huanyu group

    Sihua technology (Shanghai) co. LTD

    Beijing Orient information technology co. LTD

    Jiangsu falsheng photon co. LTD

    Xigu optical fiber optic cable co. LTD

    Jiangsu tianhong communication group co. LTD

    Fujian netcom information technology co. LTD

    41si-tech Information Technology Co.,Ltd

    Beijing greenwell technology development co. LTD

    Anhui USTC information technology co. LTD

    Beijing hanming xintong technology co. LTD

    Guangzhou hi-tech communications technology co. LTD

    Beijing huhuan electronics co. LTD

    Beijing sunview communication technology development co. LTD

    Beijing is having network communication technology co. LTD

    Hangzhou tianyuan information technology co. LTD

    50 connected world technology development (shenzhen) co. LTD