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  • tower
    Apr 04, 2018

         The tower is the general name of pole and tower. The purpose of the tower is to support the conductor and lightning conductor to maintain a safe distance between the wires, the conductor and the conductor, the ground and the cross.

        The tower is classified according to material: it can be divided into cement rod and iron tower.

       1. The concrete pole (reinforced concrete) : pole is composed of circular cross section of reinforced concrete pole, is characterized by simple structure, convenient processing, sand, stone, cement and other materials used by facilitating supply, and cheaper prices. The concrete has certain corrosion resistance, so the electric pole has a long life and less maintenance. Compared with the iron tower, the steel consumption is small, the line cost is low, but the weight is large, the transportation is more difficult.

        2. The tower is a three-dimensional truss assembled from steel shaped steel, which can be made into various heights and different forms according to the project requirements. The tower has a steel pipe tower and a steel tower. It has a large mechanical strength, long service life and less maintenance work, but it consumes a lot of steel and is more expensive.