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  • The structure of the tower structure of the communication tower.
    Apr 26, 2018

    一.Advantages and disadvantages of Angle steel tower.

    The quadrangle Angle steel tower is the most commonly used communication tower structure in China, its advantages are simple connection structure, convenient processing and installation, easy to control quality and solid appearance. Since the radius of the Angle steel is small, the length of the rod is reduced, the free length of the component is reduced, and the resection of the rib is set up, and many auxiliary rods are added, so the steel quantity is increased. In addition, the size coefficient of the Angle steel is larger, and the non-stress auxiliary lever increases the wind area of the tower, resulting in a much larger wind bending moment than the steel pipe tower, and relatively large amount of steel and foundation cost.

    二. Angle tower elevation selection.

    The communication tower is a cantilever structure, which is a parabolic shape. Generally the bottom root is open (edge width) and the height is more economical than 1/5 ~ 1/6. 50 ~ 60 m high communication bottom edge width of 8 ~ 10 m, its relatively low comprehensive cost, if because of space limitation, tower bottom edge width narrow, CHS materials shorten, the weight, but the basis of cost increases, its comprehensive cost may rise. In determining the structure model selection of the facade, therefore, when the height is determined, according to the geological conditions, and the size of the wind load, span on the bottom of the tower to select, poor foundation and wind pressure is bigger, the bottom span is larger, can reduce the overall investment of the tower.

    Quadrilateral Angle on the top side general with 600 mm wide as the best, make the communication antenna equipped platform displacement is not big, if use the ladder, considering of the gym space and treating Angle steel flat side had better not be less than 1000 mm wide.

    The shape of the Angle steel tower should also be considered as beautiful as possible. The parabolic shape requires the slope of the column to be lowered from the bottom to the top. The curve of the whole tower should not have a large mutation, and the inclination of the diagonal rod is more reasonable in 45 'left and right forces.

    三. Tower column structure of Angle steel.

    The Angle steel tower column is usually selected as single Angle steel, the upper force is selected Q235 steel, the lower force can be selected Q345 steel, which is selected according to the height of the communication tower and the wind pressure. In theory, the length of column length is less than or equal to 150, and it is better not to exceed 120 in practice. Since the length of the column is smaller than that of the large plant, the stability coefficient of the compression column is smaller, and the increase of column stress is not A good deal. The long and thin ratio of tower column can be reduced by using the refraction ventral pole arrangement.