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    Jan 09, 2018

    With the development of the city, rubbish is everywhere. The increase of urban rubbish will inevitably bring about the worry of garbage incineration.

    Visited the site of the incineration project in various places, we will find that the incineration of garbage still produces a lot of pollutants. Among them, air pollution is the most important aspect. Far, you can smell the pungent smell.

    Of course, there are quite a few places where garbage incineration does not have such a serious problem. On the one hand, adequate classification and other treatment of rubbish make the rubbish more fully utilized. Some easily incinerated rubbish can be used to generate electricity to achieve full utilization of resources. On the other hand, some garbage incineration plazas have raised the technical level and management level of incineration and have higher requirements for equipment. Waste incineration equipment and the environment in which incineration is carried out are very different from incineration.

    From these points of view, China's overall waste incineration technology is still relatively backward, the equipment is not advanced enough, the garbage classification is not good enough. Garbage incineration should be considered before the recycling of their own situation, make a reasonable use of planning. Some garbage can be used to generate electricity, while others can be used as a kind of production materials.

    In short, incineration is an effective way to dispose of rubbish, but there are many details to consider.