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  • The most commonly used structure of the communication tower is truss type and structure.
    Apr 27, 2018

    1. Truss tower elevation form.

    The most common structural form of communication tower is the space truss tower, whose plane form is mostly positive or regular quadrangle.

    The space truss member commonly used Angle steel and steel pipe, therefore has the Angle steel tower and the steel tube tower. Domestic Angle is the basic right Angle, rarely have an internal Angle 60 ° Angle, so the Angle steel tower basically with square cross section, easy to CHS connection. The steel tube components are much more flexible, and the steel pipe towers have positive triangles and regular quadrilateral sections.

    Since the minimum radius of the Angle steel is small, it is about 1/5 of the width. If a single Angle steel member must be used to consider the limit of the length of the component, then the column of the Angle steel column should be used to reduce the free length of the component. The rotating radius of the steel tube is about 1/3 of its diameter, which is much larger than the Angle steel. Therefore, the internodes of the steel pipe tower can be pulled apart, and the single diagonal or cross - cross abdominal rod system is appropriate.

    Communication tower is the most commonly used component can also be used round steel structure truss tower family limb or diagonal, its advantage is that the material price is lower, the circular cross section wind resistance is small, in the cross CHS as prestressed flexible diagonal (better with flower basket bolts), if used for main limbs, large diameter round steel material is bad, not economic.

    2. Application of prestressed flexible web.

    Steel tower of CHS have a rigid oblique abdominal rod and prestressed flexible oblique abdominal rod, the latter windward area is lesser, bar length slenderness ratio without limit, thus adopting prestressed steel weight of the flexible oblique abdominal rod relatively less rigid inclined to CHS.

    As the cantilever structure, the tower bending moment and the shear force are all increasing along the height of the tower, the increment of bending moment is a parabola, and the increment of shear force is a linear relationship. Therefore, the column internal force (mainly bearing the bending moment of the tower) shows a quadratic curve, and the internal force of the diagonal rod (mainly bearing the shear force of the tower body) is linear.

    The most commonly used structure of the communication tower is the lower tower column of the truss, the force is very large, the diagonal rod is relatively small, and the lower diagonal rod is more economical with the prestressed flexible diagonal.

    Had better use the prestressed flexible diagonal, on the one hand, to avoid compression of flexible diagonal once quit the job, on the other hand the prestressed flexible diagonal slenderness ratio limitation, while the prestressed diagonal slenderness ratio: no restrictions. In addition, the stiffness of the prestressed flexible diagonal column is larger than that of the non-prestressed oblique, so it is better to apply the prestressing force if the flexible diagonal is used.