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  • The monitoring pole is closely connected with people's life in today's society.
    Apr 14, 2018

    The monitoring rod is made of high quality seamless steel tube. Such a main rod can have a stronger ability to resist pressure. And monitoring have larger wall thickness, because of the thick wall can let monitoring stem has a better ability to resist wind and pressure can say so at the time of purchase monitoring pole must view the monitoring of the main stem of production materials. The monitor bar has the features of flexible installation. Because it is easier to have a better user experience than a normal monitoring bar, and thus to be more competitive.

    Monitoring pole foundation reinforcing cage should be temporary fixed, at the same time ensure that the basis of reinforced pet flat roof level, with level in basic roof two vertical direction measurement, monitoring pole embedded parts cast concrete foundation must be solid, banned free drum, concrete construction in embedded pipe mouth mouth, with plastic or other materials in advance in order to prevent the cast concrete when leakage into the embedded pipe blockage caused by embedded pipe; The base surface must be higher than 5MM to 10MM above ground level after pouring. Concrete must be maintained for a period of time to ensure that the concrete can reach a certain level of installation. Each metal pole must be grounded, and its grounding resistance is less than 4 o.