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  • The difference between various telephone poles.
    Apr 04, 2018

         The pole is one of the basic equipment in the overhead distribution line, the longest service life of the concrete pole and the small amount of maintenance, so it is widely used. The electric pole can be divided into linear rod, tension rod, Angle pole, branch pole, terminal rod and span bar.

         Linear rod: also known as a middle rod or a wire rod, used in the linear part of the line, mainly bearing the weight of the wire and the side wind.

         Tensile bar: to limit the accident range of the backbar or the broken line, it is necessary to divide the line part of the route into a number of resistant sections, and to install the tensioning lever on both sides of the resistant section.

         Angle pole: used to change direction of the line. The structure of the Angle pole varies with the route Angle.

         Branch bar: located at the branch line, the branch should be equipped with a pull line to balance the tension of the branch line.

         Terminal rod: located at the starting point and end point of the line, the single direction pull of the conductor is carried. To balance this tension, it is necessary to hold the cable in the opposite direction of the conductor.

         Crossing pole: if the line is passed over the crossing, the pole should be as close as possible to the crossing, and the crossing bar should be the reinforcing straight rod of the tensile bar or the pulling line.