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  • The characteristics of the camouflage communication tower tree.
    Apr 10, 2018

    Bionic tower, environmental bionic tower, single-tube bionic tower. Bionic tower is to make the communication tower in harmony with the surrounding natural environment, effectively solve the scenic spot, the difficulty of building and site, the product is mainly made of synthetic resin binder, supplemented by advanced mixture plasticity objects, chemical raw materials used for tree stem section, trees, bark, roots base material such as sculpture, painting, senior acrylic coating, surface modification protection, enhance durability, reach 5 years do not fade, no crack, don't fall off the effect, and can be applied. Its advantage is to keep the original all the advantages of the single pipe tower, made a major breakthrough in its appearance, improvements, in a natural growth of pine trees, camphor trees as the samples of simulation modelling and design sketch and the computerized, sculpture and painting process, the simulation of single pipe tower, make people notice the existence of the tower, put it into the surrounding natural environment.

    The bionic tower has the following advantages over other communication towers:

    1. Exquisite structure and elegant appearance. Because the bionic tower is to simulate the actual plants do, so, just like real modelled on the content, because made careful, and installed in the scenic spot, similar trees and tree species in the park, square, close to the natural and natural surrounding, novel and unique big wire frame for the traditional platform are hidden in the leaves won't destroy the whole beautiful tower, humanized design, bionic tower has a vibrant period flavor

    2. Strong structural stability and good technical ability. The independent reinforced concrete structure is adopted in the tower, which can effectively avoid the uneven sinking of the foundation. The feeding line is fixed in the tower body, and the feeder is protected from the wind and rain, which effectively solves the feeder failure factor, thus extending its service life. Each segment of the tower is connected by an inner flange with precision machining, which guarantees the concentricity and perpendicularity, and avoids the safety hazards of other connection modes.

    3. Small footprint and significant economic effect. Tower body using tapered single tube structure, covers an area of only l - 2 meters across, based on 4-6 meters across, and do not need to build base station walls, thereby reducing the user's land area, save the cost, especially in town).

    4. Long service life, the appearance effect is durable because the damaged external force of the tower body is relatively small, and the structure is reasonable and the materials are well used, so the use time of the tower is longer; Using hot dip galvanized surface, the corrosion resistant performance is good, the simulation on surface bark, simulation tree bark and leaves, is a collection of waterproof, fire prevention, corrosion resistance of a kind of advanced composite materials manufacturing and become, can ensure that the appearance of long-term do not peeling off.

    5. Short production period and perfect after-sales service system.