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  • Non-traditional cement pole for light high strength cement.
    Apr 09, 2018

    New cement pole is superior to the traditional cement pole, it USES a kind of high performance, high durability, high toughness and good volume stability of high performance concrete (UHPC) material, the use of our unique patent technology development, and has more light than traditional concrete pole, more excellent performance of ultra high strength, and its aging resistance, fireproof performance are higher than that of composite pole, and the price is far lower than pole composite material, its service life not less than 50 years.

    This UHPC cement pole is made of UHPC material, and the reinforcement is configured with precise positioning and anti-cracking process. Its corrosion resistance, cavitation erosion and abrasion resistance also far exceed the traditional steel pole, tower and concrete pole. With the same bending strength, the weight of the product is only about half of the traditional concrete pole, which can save a lot of transportation and installation costs. When the size of the specification is the same as that of the traditional concrete pole, its carrying capacity can be increased by two to three times, which can be used as the rotation Angle rod and the tensioning rod. In addition to the directly buried or metal flange connection, in the case of with special needs, end also can directly pouring the concrete flange, bolts and the fluctuation period or foundation connection, in addition to the connecting bolt, no other metal parts, the anti-corrosion performance is greatly increased. It can realize strength substitution steel tube pole size, and so on, and cost was only 60% of the galvanized steel pipe pole, also compared with the Eiffel Tower and the steel tube pole, it has more excellent ability of salt resistance, do not need to do special processing, can be used in the environmental medium, especially suitable for the coastal area and inland saline soil, highway high salt concentration area, as well as areas for industrial area and acid rain have special anticorrosive request for galvanized tower of environment, effectively prolong the service life of the tower, is a kind of free maintenance and low maintenance structure, can be more effective to ensure safety operation of transmission lines. Moreover, the production of this product can greatly reduce material consumption, save resources, reduce production, transportation and construction energy consumption, and is also beneficial to the improvement and protection of the environment. Replacing traditional steel pole, tower and concrete pole with this product will achieve obvious economic and social benefits.

    Compared with traditional concrete pole (concrete pole) :

    The same carrying capacity weight is reduced by half, construction transportation and installation cost is low;

    The same weight bearing capacity is increased by two to three times.

    The end can be directly poured out of the concrete flange, which is more corrosion resistant than the traditional metal fitting.

    High resistance to corrosion and freeze-thaw, especially suitable for salt and alkali river beach, beach, reed pond and marsh area under cold environment;

    The ability of cavitation erosion and erosion resistance is strong, which is more suitable for the larger and more frequently flooded areas.

    Less material consumption, less resource consumption, more conducive to energy conservation and emission reduction.

    Lightweight high strength cement concrete pole pole as the upgrading of traditional products can be applied to many fields, commonly used arm type is divided into light pole and super-high strength pole, the former can be used to replace wooden bar and concrete, which can be used to replace steel tube pole and tower. In addition, due to the special process forming of the traditional concrete pole, it can be used to make the rod body with thin outer diameter and smooth surface in the field of lamp pole and traffic sign rod. It can also be used in ultra-high voltage transmission and wind power generation.