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    Jan 09, 2018
    In 1871, Li Meicheng was born in Ouhai Dasan Chau. In 1912, Li Mechuan and his friends spent 5,000 silver dollars under the Ningbo businessman Wang Xianggu Lotus Shuanglian Qiao (now downtown lotus Road) to set up factories (now State Grid Lucheng power distribution branch is located), set up Wenzhou Puhua Electric Co., Ltd. , Li Meichuan as manager. March 27, 1914, the company started generating electricity, changing the habits of oil lamp life in Wenzhou, Wenzhou people's night life, but also opened the prelude to the Wenzhou power industry, laid the foundation for the Wenzhou power industry. Therefore, Li Meichuan also known as "Wenzhou power industry founder."

    Lamp companies to establish a huge demand for funds, the basic funds of Li Mechuan are from earlier years in Datong Lane opened two pharmacies.

    For the exact time of Li Mechuan pharmacy, Zheng Yuancheng frankly no longer verified. He said that in the early years of the Republic of China, there were many pharmacies in Datong Lane, which were called "Pharmacy Street." My grandfather first opened in the north exit of Datong Lane, a pharmacy called "Tong Feng Senate", the business is booming. Later, my grandfather Lane also found a shop south of the mouth of a superior location, and the large shop area, so let the second son Li Yu opened in this called "Zhonghe Senate" pharmacy. At that time, the two pharmacies guarding the alleyways and lanes of Datong Lane occupied the best of times and the business was booming.

    Cheng Yuan Cheng said he did not know what medicine was sold in the grandfather's pharmacy, but his parents had told him that the reason why the name "Senate" is because the sale of pharmacies must be ginseng and other high-end herbs.

    Because at that time Li Meichuan also founded a light company, management was struggling to cope with the two pharmacies are by Li Yudong care. Unfortunately, Li Yu 琮 frail, soon passed away. Due to the unmanaged management, Li Mechuan had to transfer two pharmacies from now on and then quit Datang Lane's pharmacy operation.