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  • Introduction to the three-pipe communication tower
    May 25, 2018

    The characteristics of

    Seamless steel tube as a pillar materials, small coefficient of wind load, wind resistance ability Pillar outside using flange connection, the bolt tensile, not easy to damage, reduce maintenance cost Pillar type equilateral triangle arrangement, save with a small steel, cover an area of an area small, save land resource, convenient location The tower light dead weight, the new type 3 leaf cutting plate, reduce the cost of basic truss stiffened structure design, convenient transportation and installation, short construction period Tower type wind load curve design, smooth lines, encounter a severe cyclone is not easy to collapse, reduce the human and animal casualties Design conforms to the national steel structure design specification and the tower mast design procedures, structural safety and reliability.

    The main material (leg) of steel tube tower can be seamless steel tube or high frequency welded pipe. Other transverse and oblique materials can be Angle steel or steel pipe. The specific model and size shall be determined by the designer according to the construction conditions and operating environment.

    In the production of steel pipe tower, in order to guarantee the replaceability of each welding parts in mass production, usually to make production mold, the mold must be accurate, in order to guarantee the batch production is not a problem, and realize the replaceability.

    The main parameters

    Basic design basis: steel structure design specification (tj17-74).

    Basic parameters: design wind speed: 35 m/s

    Shock resistance: class 8

    Wrapped in ice

    Vertical: 1/1000

    Suitable temperature: -45c -+45C

    Antiseptic treatment: hot galvanized

    Service life: 30 years

    (the above parameters are just examples. The design parameters of the tower in different environments are different.)