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    Jan 09, 2018

    Our daily use of natural gas, in life can be seen everywhere, but also continue to promote the implementation, but we use at the same time, what are the need for routine maintenance, quality control related personnel to pay attention to it.

    1, the daily need to check the relevant circuits, gas lines, and piping mechanical structure, etc., so as to better enable users to use safely.

    2, for each class staff, the need to periodically drain the accumulator of water to reduce the unnecessary interference of users, each class is discharged at least once. Also need to check the relevant valve pressure conditions, is correct, whether there is no abnormalities.

    3, in the maintenance of the pipeline, the need to check whether the system contains the pressure, the pressure exists, the prohibition of disassembly and maintenance.

    4, at any time concerned about the high pressure alarm in the delivery process, as well as the pneumatic valve is in place, whether because of changes in material and material composition, affecting the pipeline problems, such as a valve bearing, foreign body stuck.

    5, always pay attention to whether the seal undervoltage, if undervoltage conditions, the need to check the site whether the normal pressure gauge.