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  • How to do the basic construction of the communication tower?
    Apr 20, 2018

             Communications tower independent earthwork excavation, excavation processes and methods used by consistent with process requirements and the design time, and strictly abide by the slot support, support before they dig, stratified excavation, prohibit overheating dig the four cardinal principles, communications tower again to acceptance of the earthwork is must to supporting structure safety and security as the basic principle of the surrounding environment. Communications tower foundation pit after completion, the standard for the excavation pit protection work, after strict inspection qualified, can cushion construction, bottom elevation allowable deviation 50 mm, length and width to allow partial to 50 mm.

            The torch on the communications tower earthwork packing requirements must can be done only after acceptance, should check the drainage measures in the process of embankment construction and degree of compaction, the indicators meet the design requirements of compactness.

            No slurry can be found in the template seam of the communication tower. The contact surface of the template and concrete shall be thoroughly cleaned and the separant shall be applied. In the process of the foundation side mould, it is necessary to ensure that the surface and Angle are not damaged. Overhead foundation beam span of less than or equal to 8 meters, and the intensity of seventy-five percent can be removed when bottom die, span is greater than 8 m, strength to achieve one hundred percent is allowed to remove the bottom die.