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  • Communication technology specialty features
    Jun 04, 2018

    The specialties of the main professional courses are based, circuit basis, computer network communication system principle, the switching technology, wireless technology, computer network, communication electronic circuit, digital electronic technology, optical fiber communication, etc.

    Higher mathematics, engineering mathematics, college English, circuit analysis, analog electronic technology, digital electronic technology, signal and system, communication electronic circuit, single chip computer technology, EDA technology, integrated design of electronic circuits, digital communication principle, digital signal processing, DSP technology, modern communication network technology, program-controlled exchange technology, modern optical fiber communication technology [2]

    (1) to understand the frontier development trend of communication engineering discipline theory, and have the basic ability to design, develop, debug, apply and maintain communication system and communication network;

    (2) capable of engineering calculation and design and production of electronic circuits;

    (3) able to read and draw circuit diagram of electronic products and analyze working principle;

    (4) have the ability to listen, speak, read and write as well as the basic ability to translate foreign language materials.

    (5) capable of basic operation and programming of computers, familiar with and master common office software and professional software, and required to pass the second level of provincial computer level;

    (6) get good engineering practice training and have certain ability of scientific research and practical work;

    (7) capable of organizing, managing and communicating with others;

    (8) master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query.