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    Jan 09, 2018

    First, the improvement of clean energy development mechanism

    The development of clean energy needs the coordination and reunification of departments, and the supervisory work of various departments need to be further improved. Because there is no coordinated inter-departmental work, leading to the decentralization of resources, lack of resources and platform repetitive construction problems, although some clean energy development policies introduced, but the implementation is too difficult, so the policy needs to be improved, the implementation of the intensity More to upgrade.

    Question two, clean energy development needs overall planning

    In many regions, the goal of clean energy development is inconsistent with the goal of national planning. The scale and the solution are not balanced. The scale of new energy development is too large, resulting in insufficient capacity for local consumption. Clean energy development and management are not uniform, hindering the development of clean energy. The development of clean energy and the development of the national grid are not uniform. Although many national renewable energy plans should be promulgated, they have not seen any introduction ever since. This has seriously hindered the development of energy resources and the power grid.

    Three issues, the development of offshore wind energy is not sufficient

    The wind power of the country's southeast coast is rich, so it has a very large potential for wind power generation, which is of great significance to the improvement of domestic clean energy technologies. At present, the technical level of offshore wind turbines is relatively low, and the R & D team is in its infancy. Offshore wind farms involve many areas, so project approval is more difficult, and offshore wind power pricing mechanism has not yet formed, which is a side effect for investors.

    Question four, clean energy applications market to be developed

    New energy has been applied to all fields, new energy vehicles need to be strengthened in many ways, such as charging facilities for new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles so far not yet well popularized, these issues are to be considered. Although the government gives some support and help, there is still no fundamental solution to the problem.