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  • Classification and characteristics of communication tower.
    Apr 23, 2018

    Communication tower can be divided into ground communication tower, roof communication tower, also known as communication tower, communication tower, tower body material can be used Angle steel, steel tube, height range 3 meters -- 150 meters. 1) pile foundation is drawing tower anchor pit foundation, independent foundation is the center of the tower base 2) communications tower: the main technical parameters: the resistance to wind speed of 25 m/s - 35 m/s, wrapped in ice 5-6 mm, grounding resistance of 4 or less Ω; Vertical degree of earthquake resistant level 7-1/1000-1/5000 or less magnitude 8, safety factor 4 times. 3) communication tower is mainly used in mobile/unicom, netcom, / / radio and television departments such as public security forces/railway erection signal transmitting antenna or microwave transmission equipment, so this is also called microwave towers 4) base station communications tower on the basis of different structure forms, can be divided into independent tower, anchor tower (mast).

        Base station tower because of the location of the site, there are ground tower, roof tower. The tower usually used in the ground tower has the Angle steel tower, the steel pipe tower (four or three columns), the steel single pipe tower, the cable tower (mast). Angle steel tower is the most common tower type, it is easy to make installation, economic application, should be the first choice of the tower construction. The four columns (or three pillars) of the steel tube can be made very small (2m or so) for the root opening, which is suitable for the narrow site or near the building, but the cost is higher than the Angle steel tower. The single-tube tower is used in scenic spots or other beautiful places, because it is not convenient for the tower feeder and personnel to climb. Together with the high cost, it is only used for special requirements. The advantage of the cable tower is that the steel is small, but the area is large, whether the economy should be considered comprehensively.

        In addition, the cable communication tower is vulnerable to external forces. Once the cable is damaged, it will cause the inverted tower. The cable tower is affected by the wind and will swing and horizontal wiggle, using the microwave transmission of the base station carefully. Roof generally USES Angle towers or higher (i.e., network frame), there are two kinds of setting of the tower, when one is building design has been considered the load of tower and set up the embedded object (such as telecom room roof), 2 it is on an old building and built the tower. In the second case, it is necessary to check the original buildings, reconstruct the structure and add the anchoring measures of the tower.

       The root of the communication tower is often different, the tower height is also restricted, and it is necessary to carefully repair the roof waterproof layer caused by the construction, which should be carefully designed. Line on the same day to hang high building roof is not much higher (about 10 m), can use simple and easy way of roofing iron stand, in the construction of beam (wall) concrete pier as a counterweight (calculation of concrete weight enough to resist the hob upsetting force), hob is fixed in the concrete pier, can damage to roofing waterproof layer, the way of low cost, convenient construction. It can also be used to fix the roof iron frame, not to make the concrete pier, but the anchor point of the cable must be handled carefully.