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  • Base selection of communication tower.
    Apr 24, 2018

    1.Type of communication tower infrastructure.

    It is an important part of the communication tower structure to transfer the whole load of the superstructure to the foundation and maintain the overall stability of the structure.

    The basic selection and basic arrangement of communication tower are closely related to the structure, structure layout, type of external load, construction site and geological conditions. Reasonable foundation selection and design are very important to reduce the construction cost, shorten the construction period and guarantee the safety and reliability of the structure.

    In the communication tower, except for the roof tower on the roof, there are space truss tower, single pipe tower and cable tower on the ground. Space truss tower is usually independent foundation, with even the beam together (FIG. 10-1) Shared tower on the horizontal load, wind load and earthquake action), weight and so on, the control effect on horizontal load.

    Because wind load belongs to random load, the magnitude and direction of wind force are arbitrary and pulsating, and the foundation force also has the characteristics of arbitrariness and pulsation.

    Communication tower of space steel truss structure is relatively light in weight, and hung communications antenna platform vertical load is not big, therefore under the triangular or quadrilateral truss tata submit the modified top surface tension and pressure, and tension value generally can reach more than 70% of the pressure value. The anti - drawing design of truss tower is very important.

    The single pipe communication tower is the cylinder (conical) shape structure; The base is mostly square or circular.

    The diameter of the single-tube communication tower is very small, so the base size is not very large. Under the action of wind bending moment, the edge of the base plate may be pulled away from the foundation. According to the high structure design specification (GB 50135 press release), under the standard combination of the normal limit state load effect, the foundation ground is not allowed to remove the foundation soil. Therefore, it is necessary to extend the plate foundation to strengthen the bending ability of the foundation slab. When the foundation is not good, the plate foundation is used to pile up the pile.

    Two parts of the central foundation of the cable communication tower and the anchor base of the rope (figure 10-3). The central foundation supports the rod body, bearing the pressure and horizontal thrust of the rod body; The ground anchor is fixed and the rope is fixed.

    2. Shallow foundation and layout of communication tower structure.

    When communication tower construction site ground surface soil has good bearing capacity, deformation of foundation can be controlled within the acceptable range, at the same time, based on the drawing force can be borne by the foundation and its overlying soil together, can use shallow foundation forms.

    The space truss tower usually sets a foundation under each column, and these independent foundations are connected by connecting beams together to bear the self-weight, bending moment and horizontal shear of the tower.

    To resist pulling force, independent foundation under column for the extension of the reinforced concrete slab, plate extension base, bottom plane can be circular or rectangular, with a certain thickness, and equipped with double reinforced to withstand caused by the bending moment and shear force of foundation reaction.